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We do the transport service at the client request to the most beautiful islands of Korčula archipelago.


Transfer to the small islands with a speed boat


Island Vrnik

It is well known for it’s deep stone quarries dating back from Roman times. Vrnik is worth to go and visit during the day as it has a lot of secluded small swimming spots where water is so blue and clear as well as a lot of pine trees on the eastern side of the island, where one can enjoy the shade on the hot summer days. The island is one of the favourite Sunday excursion destinations for local Korcula people.


Island Stupe

The islands feature a small pebble beach as well as several large areas of smooth rocks suitable for sunbathing. The beach on the northern coast of the island offer uninterrupted views over the Channel, Orebic and Peljesac (Sveti Ilija Summit). The waters around the island are very very clean, transparent and have beautiful colours (see photo above) making the whole area a great swimming and snorkelling location. 


Island Badija

Badija is the largest island in the Korcula Archipelagolocated in the near vicinity of Korcula Island in Croatia. The most dominant feature of the island is Franciscan Monastery built in 14th century.  In late 14th century Franciscan monks from Bosnia were given ownership of a part of the Badija island when they began building a monastery.


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